Thursday 18th December 2014
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Adverse Weather Information

Contact us on 0800 169 2988 or 0300 123 4560

Plus Dane has been making contingency plans for adverse weather and, in conjunction with the Met Office and other agencies, have drawn up plans for four levels of service for customers and staff.

If you have any queries please contact us on our usual numbers shown above.

We are currently at Level 1, which recognises more challenging weather conditions but no significant risk to our day-to-day operations or service agreements.

If we declare Level 2, it would mean possible delays in getting through to our call centre, the postponement of certain appointments, and the possibility that some service level agreements may be temporarily suspended. For example, high winds may force us to postpone work on roofs. We may also try to assist customers to diagnose heating problems over the telephone in order to free up the trades team for a likely increase in emergency repairs.

A Level 3 declaration would mean severe weather conditions of the sort we saw last winter. This would see normal service agreements postponed and the introduction of an emergency repairs and increased telephone advice services.

A Level 4 alert would only be called in the unlikely event of such bad weather that the region was declared "at a standstill". All Plus Dane staff, whatever their position in the company, are expected to do everything they can to help tenants through the crisis, although this is likely to be telephone advice and emergency repairs and rescue on a priority basis only.

We trust you understand the extra challenges winter weather can bring and assure you we will do all we can to help those affected.

For advice on staying warm during winter weather visit our Beat the Chill page.

We trust you understand the extra challenges winter weather can bring and assure you we will do all we can to help those affected. For updates on the weather in your area visit the Met Office and BBC websites.

For tips on maintaining your heating system and fixing simple faults visit Gov.UK or the British Gas advice page

My pipes have frozen
A common problem during winter months, especially if we experience freezing condidtions are frozen pipes which will stop your heating system working.

To try unfreezing the boiler condensate pipe yourself, follow these steps - you may need to repeat them several times:

- Hold a hot water bottle or heat wrap around the pipe
- Pour hot, not boiling water over the frozen end of the pipe with a watering can, jug or kettle
- When you think the pipe may be unfrozen, try switching on the boiler again.
- You may need to reset the boiler to do this. If the boiler fires it up, it's fixed. If not, you could try to
   unfreeze the pipes by repeating this again.

What could be the cause?
In long periods of cold weather, the condensate pipe of your boiler - a waste pipe that carries condensation from the boiler to your drain outside - can freeze, especially if it's exposed or not insulated correctly.

This can leave you without heat and hot water as the boiler has an in-built safety device to prevent any damage to the system.

Still got a problem?
An engineer can unfreeze the pipe and advise on ways to prevent this in the future.

If you are still experiencing any problems, please contact us on the above numbers.

It is absolutely vital to keep your house warm during the cold weather. Your main living room should be between around 18-21C (64-70F) and the rest of the house at least 16C (61F).

Staying active is a great way to keep your body warm, several thin layers of clothes are better than one thick one. Eat well and have plenty of warm drinks.

This is also a time to look out for friends and neighbours. Check they're safe and well through the winter. If you are worried about someone, contact your local council, Age UK helpline on 0800 169 6565 or Plus Dane’s customer contact centre on the above numbers or email us.